Coffee That Ensures Conversation

You've never had a cup like this before

Our world-famous Salmon Latte is quite simply the most unique beverage you'll ever try. It might sound strange but we know that you will be "hooked" from your first delicious sip.

Frothy milk-infused wild Sockeye, steamed to perfection with a slightly smokey aroma. With over 18 grams of protein in every cup, we serve it piping hot in a freshly-washed ceramic mug.

Be sure to pair our latte with one of our amazing marine-themed snacks and you're in for a one-of-a-kind experience. We guarantee this ain't your regular cup of joe!

A Little Bit About Us

At the Greywater Cafe, we are committed to bringing the best of the sea to your cup.

Our small team of marine baristas work tirelessly to ensure that all our ingredients are the freshest available. Our founders recognized a unique void in the coffee market and opened their first Greywater outlet on April 1, 2021 to much acclaim.

Give us a try... you won't regret it.

"Easily the best Salmon Latte I've ever had."

- Chris Palliser - Virgin Radio

"A breathtaking selection of unique beverages - awesome!"

- G.D. Allen - Brotherhood of Pacific Food Critics (BPFC)

"If you like chowder - you'll love Greywater."

M. Barksdale - Esquimalt

"Definitely among my top 3 places for
clam-flavoured mochas."

- Peter Magadh - North Island Mollusk Assoc.

“What can I say? Good location, unusual coffee, a 10-foot-long swordfish on the wall. Will return.”

Gina Fartola - Vancouver

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